About Us

30+ cumulative years of cannabis cultivation experience

Our Mission

To organically grow select cultivars in a biodynamic living soil.  This method creates a thriving food web that naturally provides nutrients, producing consistently healthy and robust plants.  Our mission is to grow cannabis that meets or exceeds our own high expectations.

Our Story

High Ledges is a Grower Owned and Operated Social Equity Company whose Partners have over 30 years of combined experience in cultivating cannabis.  For years we have worked to perfect our cultivation practices, trade for the best possible cultivars, and share our stories.

Our journey of cultivation led to growing organically in no-till living soil, using only natural amendments and no synthetic fertilizers.  Through experimentation, close attention to detail, and taking lessons from regenerative farming techniques we developed our own clean cultivation process. This natural farming methodology allows the plants to express their complexity and develop an attractive array of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Our partners test each cultivar before we include them in our collection to ensure they meet our high standards for quality.

What Sets Us Apart

Healthier plants thrive and produce more trichomes and more complex terp profiles.  The quality of our product is seen in the beautiful trichomes and terp production of each plant.

Our soil is biologically active.  We meticulously select each component and ingredient that goes into growing the plant, ensuring that our biodynamic soil is as natural as possible. Indigenous micro-organisms, earthworms, and compost naturally create a source of nutrients. The use of ultra-clean, pure, standardized ingredients, free of chemicals, and without added pre-mixed fertilizers, creates a sustainable soil which can be re-used instead of being thrown out from harvest to harvest, reducing water demand and pollution.

Don’t take our word for it, go out and try some for yourself.

Who We Are


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Principal / Director of Cultivation

High Ledges is a locally owned and community-backed organization.